Summer Camp Artist Profile: Cantadora

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Rock Surfers’ SUMMER CAMP program presents six weeks of Sydney artist residencies, showings and theatrical orienteering from Jan 27th – March 8th, 2014.

Cantadora is a young, all‐female collaborative group, interested in exploring current issues for women today. Multidisciplinary artists trained at AADA, these girls act, direct, write, design and produce all of their works.

While camping out at the Bondi Pavilion Theatre from 24-28 February, Candatora (Stephanie Lindwall, Madeleine White, Maryellen George, Laura May Farran, Sophie Fairweather & Gemma Scoble) will begin work on a piece exploring what it is to be a female today.

Stephanie Lindwall Bio:
(TRS) Actor & ASM: Empire; SM: The Horse’s Mouth Festival; Swing  Technician: The  Removalists, Anaconda. (NIDA, Parade Studio) SM: Set, The Play. (The Old Fitz, Cupboard Love) Production Manager: Say Hello First. (Riverside Theatres) SM: A View from Moving Windows.

Madeleine White Bio:
(Sydney Chamber Opera) ASM: Owen Wingrave. Madeleine spent an extensive part of the year exploring theatre making across India and in New York and Boston.

Maryellen George Bio:
(Bell Shakespeare) Placement Shadow Director: Actors at Work, (Sport For Jove) ASM:  Summer Season 2012-­13 Othello, (The Old Fitz, Cupboard Love) Assistant Director: Say Hello First, (Riverside Theatres, RLE) Director: The Shoehorn Sonata, (Epicentre Theatre Company & The Long Walk Theatre Company) Actor – Blackrock.

Laura May Farran Bio:
Bell Shakespeare Actor Training, (Packemin Productions, Riverside) Actor: Hairspray, (Brave New Word Theatre Company) SM: Body Language, (The Long Walk Theatre Company) Assistant Designer: Blackrock.

Sophie Fairweather Bio:
(Old Fitz, Cupboard Love) SM/Actor: Say Hello First, (Paddington Reservoir Gardens) Actor: Absolutely Relative, (New Theatre) SM: Pillowman, (Joan Sutherland Theatre) SM: In a Moment.

Gemma  Scoble Bio:
(Monkey  Baa) SM: The Chaos Fairy, (The Long Walk Theatre  Company) Actor: By  Any  Other  Name, (SITCO) Actor: Friday, (Les Theatre Des  Assasins) Actor: Roberto Zucco, (Shakespeare on the Green) Actor: As You Like It.

Click HERE for more info on our Summer Camp program.

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