Summer Camp Artist Profile: cut the bull

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Rock Surfers’ SUMMER CAMP program presents six weeks of Sydney artist residencies, showings and theatrical orienteering from Jan 27th – March 8th, 2014.

Week 5 of Summer Camp sees Luke Carson, Stephen Wilkinson and Elizabeth Heaney, aka Cut the Bull, lighting their creative campfire. Cut the Bull are an independent collective of actors and writers producing self-written work. While at Summer Camp, they’re teaming up with actors Zoe Carides, Peter McAllum, and Jeremy Waters to develop and refine their first full-length play, Second Time Around – a play about strengths, fears and second chances.

Luke Carson Bio:
Luke has written for Heart Dot Com (Tap Gallery), 12 Plays of Christmas (Tap Gallery), Griffringe (The Stables), Cut & Paste #9 (Rock Surfers Theatre Company), Jurassic Lounge (Australian Museum), Sydney Comedy Festival (Factory), Sussmania (The Sugar Mill) and Singled Out (Seymour Centre).

Stephen Wilkinson Bio:
Stephen has appeared in Political Hearts of Children and Christina In the Cupboard (Subtlenuance), Mayday project (Tap Gallery), I Contain Multitudes (Old 505), Cut & Paste #9 (Old Fitzroy Theatre) GRIFFringe (The Stables Theatre), Sluteratti (New Theatre), and Brand Spanking New (New Theatre), amongst other productions.

Elizabeth Heaney Bio:
Elizabeth has appeared in Bronte (ATYP) which she also produced, Cut & Paste #9 (Rock Surfers Theatre Company) and numerous short films.

Click HERE for more info on our Summer Camp program.

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