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THE WILD FINISH @ The Horse’s Mouth

The Bondi Pavillion Theatre 11-14 December 2013

THE WILD FINISH by Monica Hunken

Direct from New York City, award winning – internationally touring theatre maker Monica Hunken brings the Australian premier of her solo show, The Wild Finish to Sydney.

 On a snowy Easter Sunday, Monica embarked on a bicycle journey across the vodka-soaked roads of Poland in search of the man who haunts her, a man of power, genius, fame and violence; her grandfather.  Along her path, she squats and pogos with anarchist punks in old factories, barely escapes a knifing by Neo-Nazis, hides in churches and is hypnotized in a paratheatrical workshop haunted by the ghost of Jerzy Grotowski. You will be led by many eccentric guides through this surreal landscape; a mohawked bike messenger, Ingrid Bergman, a girl with a third eye and your bewildered hostess, Monica Dudárew Ossetynska Hunken, heiress to cult and Slavic royalty.

Original text by Monica Hunken
Devised by Monica Hunken and Melissa Chambers
Directed by Melissa Chambers
Original sound by Xana Chambers
Lights by Evan True
Photography by Hunter Canning

VENUE: The Bondi Pavilion Theatre
DATES: 11 – 14 December 2013
TIMES: 8.30pm (60min)
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Monica will also be leading a solo performance making workshop on Saturday 14th Dec called The Physical Stroy Teller as part of the festival.

Click HERE for more info on the workshop and to sign up.

“Hunken is a mesmerizing performer…a truly inspired production. She is whole-hearted in her creativity and to experience her show is akin to finding a lost item that you loved and thought you’d never see again.” (

“Monica Hunken, one of the eminent actresses of our time, has created a play about her grandfather that is both autobiographical and innovative.  An extraordinary artist, she is able to use her body and her voice – in fact several voices – to expand the theatrical vocabulary so that the spectator rides the myriad aspects of an extraordinary life” (Judith Malina, Founder of The Living Theatre)





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