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Days, Times and Prices

Please only use this as a guide, as times/prices are subject to change. The most reliable information will be found on the bookings page.

Mainstage Show

  • Day/Time:
  • Tues - Sat at 8pm and Sun 5pm

  • Prices:
  • Preview/Cheap Tuesday Tickets: $17 General Admission and $25 Beer, Laksa and Show

    Every other day: Concession $21, Adult $29, and $35 Beer, Laksa and Show.

    All prices are inclusive of GST

Late Sessions

  • Day/Time:
  • Sun, 8pm (Thurs - Sat performance times are variable, please check details of show.

  • Prices:
  • $12 Concession, $16 Adult, and $24 Beer, Laksa and Show.