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The Bondi Pavillion Theatre 3-7 December 2013

White Rabbit Red Rabbit By Nassim Soleimanpour.

An arresting and utterly original play from a talented young Iranian dramatist, performed cold by a different actor in every show.

At 29 years old, Nassim Soleimanpour was forbidden to leave his country. Unable to travel, he turned his isolation to his advantage and writes a play that requires no director, no set and a different actor for every performance.

Dissecting the experience of an entire generation and asking deceptively simple questions about the nature of live art, Soleimanpour’s script secured rave reviews from critics and audiences at the Edinburgh Fringe 2011 and has subsequently travelled the world – Rock Surfers are thrilled to present it’s Sydney premier.

The play looks at issues of obedience and manipulation, and requires a different actor for every performance.  The actor delivers the piece cold, in front of a live audience. The play requires them to know next to nothing about it.

The actor will be handed a sealed envelope in front of the audience, inside which will be the script. There will be no rehearsal, no direction, no set – just the actor and an audience.
The actor will, above all, be reading another person’s words – no characters, no costumes. Performing it will require charm, humour, and an ability to read cold with ease. The audience will, we hope, love that the actor knows no more than they do.

Nassim Soleimanpour.
Dramaturgy Daniel Brooks and Ross Manson.

Performed by a different actor each night:
Alan Flower (Tues 3rd Dec)
Sopa Enari (Wed 4thDec),
TBC (Thurs 5thDec)
Zoe Norton Lodge (Sat 7thDec)

VENUE: The Bondi Pavilion Theatre
DATES: 3-7 December 2013 (No performance Fri 6th Dec)
TIMES: 8.00pm (60min)
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 …hilarious, thoughtful and — in the best possible way — entirely uncomfortable. This is a potent reminder of the transgressive, transformative power of theatre … There’s magic here, and while it can’t be bottled, you can certainly buy yourself an hour in its presence Crick

This performance has heart and challenges the audience ever so gently to think about our choices and how lucky we are in this safe and relaxed country Herald Sun

… there’s a magnetic mind behind the prose. Rabbit is a lightly comic, deceptively discursive, meta-theatrical monologue San Francisco Chronicle

White Rabbit Red Rabbit was originally produced by Volcano Theatre in association with Necessary Angel and Wolfgang Hoffmann. The Horse’s Mouth presentation is by arrangement with Malthouse Theatre, Melbourne.



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