ALL MADE UP @ The Horse’s Mouth

Curious, confounded and lacking in courage, Jimmy has taken shelter in the Bondi Pavilion dressing room. Something outside is tormenting him, something that he must confront. But first, he needs a new face, and he needs you to help him build it.

Inspired by true events that are now utterly obscured,All Made Up is a short, intimate experience for a handful of crafty souls.

Written & Performed by Jimmy Dalton

“Bold, strange and a little bit brilliant” ✮✮✮✮ Time Out – on A Butcher of Distinction directed by Jimmy Dalton.

VENUE: Dressing Room 2
DATES: 3 – 7 December 2013 (no show Friday 6th)
TIMES: 7.00pm (30min)
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