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Past Seasons

2008 Season

ACT I: A Wave of Words

Brilliant Monkey - Return Season
by Al Dukes
Produced by: Porkchop Productions
Director: Jeremy Sims
Cast: Al Dukes and Warwick Young
Designer: Hamish Peters
Lighting Designer: Andrew Williams
Sound Designer: Jeremy Silver
Producer: Vaike Neeme
Photographer: Wendy McDougall
Stage Manager: Victoria Walton

The Packer
by Diana Fuemana
Produced by: Chester Productions
Director: Jeremy Lindsay Taylor
Cast: Jay Ryan
Producer: Jennifer Campbell

Allsopp and Henderson's The Jinglists
Produced by Ansuya Nathan
Cast: Warwick Allsopp and Tamlyn Henderson

Poster Girl
by Van Badham
Produced by: Platform 19 and The Gemeinshaft Dogs
Director: James Beach
Cast: Shannon Dooley, Fayssal Basi, Lucinda Gleeson, Marika Aubrey, Sam Haft, Suzie Lindeman, Simon Corfield, Andrew Lees
Designer: Phillipa Welfare
Stage Manager: Lachlan Williams

The Age of Consent
by Peter Morris
Produced by: Bareboards Productions
Director: Shannon Murphy
Cast: Caroline Kemp and Ivan Donato
Producers: Ben Jobberns and Caroline Kemp
Designer: Rita Carmody
Composer: Anton Koritni
Sound Design: Steve Toulmin
Lighting Design: Matthew Schubach

ACT II: A Wave of Words


Radio by Al Smith
Produced by The Gemeinshaft Dogs
Directed and Designed by: Travis Green
With: Andrew Bibby

The Carnivores By Ian Wilding
Produced by: Stories Like These (PJ Gahan)
Directed by: Luke Rogers
Designed by: Tom Bannerman
With: Adam McGurk, Rebecca Scott, Nelly Shipley, Ben Simpson & Johann Walveren

Kiss Me Like You Mean It by Chris Chibnall
Produced by: Luke Cowling and Melinda Dransfield for Unit 107
Directed and Designed by: Luke Cowling
With: Maggie Blinco, Peter Carmody, Melinda Dransfield and Lee Jones

Belle's Line by Tamara Asmar
Produced by Johanna Mulholland for Jurgen Thor
Director: Alan Flower
With: Sophie Cleary, Rebecca Clarke and Daniel Henshall
Production Designers: Anna Marchant and Ben Young

Vincent River by Philip Ridley
Produced by Jonathan Wald for Hot Seat
Directed by Jonathan Wald
Designer: Tom Bannerman
With: Beejan Olfat and Elaine Hudson

Cherry Smoke by James McManus
Produced by Mike Smith for Glass Umbrella Creative
Director: Michael Dahlstrom
Designer: Jess Giraud
Dialect Coach: Nick Curnow
With: Emily Rose Brennan, John Shrimpton, Ivan Donato and Julia Ohannessian

Vigil by Morris Panych
Produced by Hector Orlitz for Spirithouse Theatre Company
Director: Suzanna Dowling
With: Gertraud Ingeborg and Travis Cotton

2007 Season

Last One Standing
By Ned Manning
Director: Jess Symes
Cast: Ned Manning, Eva

Capture the Flag
By Toby Schmitz
Director: Toby Schmitz
Cast: Ella Scott-Lynch, Andrew Gee, Robin

The Last Great Roadhouse in Paradise
By Jon Fraser
Director: Luke Cowling
Cast: Andrew Bibby, John O’Neill

The Naked MC
By Sista She
Director: Laura Scrivano
Cast: Candy Bowers,

Brilliant Monkey
By Al Dukes
Director: Jeremy Sims
Cast: Al Dukes, Warwick Young

Love and Money
By Dennis Kelly
Cast: Bryce Youngman, Angela Hattersly, Christopher Stollery

Norm and Ahmed
By Alex Buzo
Cast: Craig Menaud, Laurence Coy

Simply Fancy
By Pig Island
Cast: Claudia, Nick, Charlie

Improper Christmas
By Impro Australia

Angry Young Women in Low Rise Jeans with High Class Issues
By Matt Morilio

The Soldier and the Thief Sit on a Bridge Over the River Thames While Oblivion Waves Hello
By Oliver Torr
Director: Jess Tuckwell
Cast: Oliver Torr, Jamie Irvine, Peter Carmody, Gertraud Ingeborg, Zoe Tuckwell-Smith

2006 Season

The Suitors
By John Leary and Patrick Brammell
Directed: Craig Illot
Cast: John Leary, Patrick Brammell, Zoe Carides, TWO MORE

By Dennis Kelly
Director: Tanya Goldberg
Cast: Bojana Novakovic, Tom Campbell

Political Fiction
By Geoffrey Sykes
Director: Robina Beard
Cast: Kerry Casey, Sarah Doyle, Marc Kay, Karen Cobban

The Prince of Brunswick East
By Alex Broun
Cast: Kim Knuckey

Fewer Emergencies
By Martin Crimp
Director: Mark Haslam
Cast: Amy Kensett, Alexander Manojlovic, Amy O’Brien, Blair Tumeth

Three Little Fears: ATYP Short Plays
By Maxine Mellor, Ashley Walker, Alex Cullen
Creative Producer: Luke Cowling

By Sue Smith
Director: Leland Kean
Cast: Tamara Cook, Peta Seargant, Bryce Youngman, John O’Neill

Kikia te Poa (Kick the Boer)
By Matthew Saville
Director: Lee Lewis
Cast: Jamie Irvine, Drayton Morley, Ben Borgia

Osama the Hero
By Dennis Kelly
Director: Syd Brisbane
Cast: Terri Brabon, Susannah McDonald, Xavier Samuel

By Ron Elisha
Director: Dave Letch
Cast: Angela Hattersly, Drayton Morley,

Plays by Himself
By Josh Lawson
Director: Tamara Cook
Cast: Leon Ford, Mark Priestly,

By Noelle Janaczewska
Director: Tanya Denny

By Suzie Miller
Director: John Sheedy
Cast: Alan Flower,

By Abi Morgan
Director: Tanya Denny
Cast: Elaine Hudson, Gertraud Ingeborg, Esti Regios, Kathrine

2005 Season

Rebel Tour by Stephen Vagg
Director: Paul Godfrey
Cast: John Leary, Stephen Matthews, Randall Mettam, Iain Sinclair, David Webb and Darren Weller.

Who Smokes Kool by Michael Booth
Director: Iain Sinclair
Cast: Michael Booth, Sharon Flanagan, Robin Goldsworthy, Jessica Mitchell, Emily Stewart and Amos Szeps

Little Boy by Nick Miller
Director: Luke Cowling
Cast: Christian Barratt-Hill, Belinda Bromilow, Peter Carmody, Matt Edgerton and Hallie Shellam

Jumping and All That by Victoria Thaine
Director: Angus Stevens
Cast: Matthew Foster, Fiona Press, Nadia Townsend, Katie Wall and Darren Weller.

Unspoken by Rebecca Clarke
Director: Wanye Blair
Cast: Rebecca Clarke

A Girl in a Car with a Man by Rob Evans
Director: Lenore MacGregor
Cast: Amanda Bishop, Mary Rachel Brown, Peter Damien Hayes, John Leary and Henry Nixon

To The Green Fields Beyond by Nick Whitby (image below)
Director: Scott Patterson
Cast: Cast: Ben Barrack, Laurence Coy, Sam Haft, Jolanta Juszkiewicz, Michael Labram, Dorian Nkono, Jack O�Rourke, Peter Rasmussen, Christopher Tangye, Ben Tari and Bruno Xavier.

Cu*t Pi by Toby Schmitz
Director: Leland Kean
Cast: Jacobie Gray, Felicity Price, Toby Schmitz and Bill Young

Marathon by Edoardo Erba
English Version by Colin Teevan
Director: Geordie Brookman
Cast: Alistair Scott-Young and Andrew Brackman

The Fireraisers by Max Frisch
Translation by Michael Bullock
Director: Madeleine Jaine
Cast: Sarah Armanious, Chris Baker,Paul Barry, Andrew Bibby, Jo-Anne Cahill, Tom Campbell, Emma Cooper, Andrew Crabbe, Brian Mott and Sean Lynch

The Grey House by Alistair Powning
Director: Michael Booth
Cast: Alistair Powning, Cameron Burke, Robin Goldsworthy, Jessica Mitchell and Emily Stewart

The Department Store by Justin Fleming
Director: Christopher Hurrell
Cast: Kit Brookman, Isabella Dunwill, Jonathan Elsom, Jonathan Hardy, Fiona Press, Christopher Tomkinson, Rebecca Turner and Kirrily White.

Top Shorts: 3 short plays by Travis Cotton, Joshua Lawson, Damon Lockwood
Directors: Tamara Cook, Patrick Nolan, Rory Williamson
Cast: James Evans, Leon Ford, Gyton Grantley, Ewen Leslie, Sam North, Mark Priestley, Susan Prior, Richard Sydenham and Darren Weller

Harry's Christmas by Steven Berkoff
Director: Leland Kean
Cast: Iain Sinclair

2004 Season

African Gothic by Reza De Wet
Directed by Tamsin Rothschild
Cast: Angela Bauer, Pamela Jikiemi, Adam Stewart and Antony Waterlow.

Little Malcolm and his Struggle against the Eunuchs by David Halliwell
Directed by Amos Szeps
Cast: Dan Feuerriegel, Jacobie Gray, Ash Lyons, Oliver Torr and Matt Zeremes

Hilt by Jane Bodie
Directed by Sarah Goodes
Cast: Emma Jackson, Ansuya Nathan, Cameron Stewart and Peter Rasmussen

Cross Sections by Suzie Miller (Image Below)
Directed by Chris Mead
Cast: Fayssal Bazzi, Peter Carmody, Alan Flower, Emma Jackson, Jan Langford-Penny, Ewen Leslie, Billie Rose Pritchard, Victoria Thane and Wesley Wong.

Dealers' Choice by Patrick Marber
Director: Craig Ilott
Cast: Eamon Flack, Brendan Clearkin, John Leary, Ashley Lyons, David Terry and David Webb

Fidelity by Tobsha Learner
Directed by Tanya Denny
Cast: Romy Bartz, Alan Flower, Holly Jones, Anthony Lawrence and Angeline Neville.

Influence by Rowan Ellis
Directed by Clayton Buffoni
Cast: Rowan Ellis and Natalie Murray

Sugar Bomb by Melita Rowston
Directed by Melita Rowston
Cast: Martelle Hammer, Olivia Pigeot and Matt Rainey

Tragedy by Will Eno
Directed by Helen Dallimore
Cast: Peter Astridge, Andrew Crabbe, Abe Forsythe, Pippa Grandison, and Jonathan Speer

The Share and The Hour My Brother Dies By Daniel Keene
Directed by Lee Lewis
Cast: Ben Borgia, Tamara Cook, Mark Constable, Nick Osborne and Ben Tate

This Blasted Earth by Travis Cotton and Toby Schmitz
Directed by Leland Kean, Musical Direction by Tim Minchin
Cast: Fayssal Bazzi, Blazey Best, Travis Cotton, Septimus Caton, Emma Jackson, Ewen Leslie, Jan Langford-Penny, Rohan Nichol, Christopher Stollery and Ella Scott-Lynch
Band: Tim Minchin, Dion Slazze, Alex Dewez Lopez

Ninja by Tamara Asmara
Directed by Ryan Johnson
Cast: Felicity Hopkins, Amanda Mitchell, Oliver Torr and Matt Zeremes

2003 Season

A Moment on the Lips by Jonathan Gavin (Image Below)
Director: Kim Hardwick
Cast: Julia Davis, Susan Godfrey, Hayley McElhinney, Catherine Moore, Ansuya Nathan, Kirrily White and Nicole Winkler.

Howie the Rookie by Mark O�Rowe
Director: Greg Caro
Cast: David Whiteley and Vince Miller

Woyzeck by Karl Georg Buchner
Director: Leland Kean
Cast: Blazey Best, Emma Jackson, Simon Maiden, Ewen Leslie, Rupert Reid, Tony Hayes, Pat Brammall,

Milk by Rowan Ellis
Director: Clarence White
Cast: Natasha Farrow, Sebastian Goldspink, Kim Hillas, Ripley Hood, Luke Rex, Tanc Sade, Gerry Sont and Belinda Wollaston.

Happy and Clean by Martin Murphy
Director: Zena Cumpston
Cast: Matin Murphy

Purgatory Down Under by Steven Klinder and Jon Williams
Director: Alex Broun
Cast: Laurence Coy, Martelle Hammer, Craig Menaud, Natalie Saleeba, Hazem Shammas and Jon Williams

Story Time by Kate Mulvany
Director: Felix Williamson
Cast: Jody Kennedy, Damien Monk and Matthew Wilkinson

Two for the Road: Two short plays - Girls we have known by Ralph Pape and Smell the Roses by Michael Booth
Directors: Michael Booth and Sandy Gore
Cast: Michael Booth, Lisa Hensley, Amos Szeps

Mercy Theives by Mark Kilmurry
Director: Mark Kilmurry
Cast: Tamara Cook, Alan Dukes, Mark Kilmurry and John Trutwin

Naked Theatre Company�s Top Shorts 3 winning short plays from the Write Now! Competition
The 5th at Radwick by Travis Cotton, Rocket Baby by Caleb Lewis, Jumpin� the Q � A Musical by Dean Bryant and Mathew Frank
Directors: Tamara Cook, Helen Dallimore and Melita Rowston
Cast: Hollie Andrew, Romy Bartz, Simon Burke, Travis Cotton, Mel de Ferranti, Martelle Hammer, Sigrid Langford-Scherf, Josh Lawson and Natalie O�Donnell.

This is Our Youth by Keneth Lonergan
Director: Ash Lyons
Cast: Kay Harrison, Oliver Torr and Matt Zeremes

2002 Season

Angel City by Sam Shephard
Director: Deborah Kennedy
Cast: Tamara Cook, Damien Garvey, Teo Gerbert, Paul Glesson, Paul Jarman and Marshall Napier

7 Acts of Love as Witnessed by a Cat by Tobsha Learner
Director: Marta Dusseldorp
Cast: Jonathan Gavin, Odile Clezio, Matt LeNevez, Gwyneth Price, Raj Ryan and Alan Tobin

Dogs Barking by Richard Zajdlic
Director: Nic Clarke
Cast: David Hynes, Chris Tomkinson, Alison Van Reekan and Kirrily White

Crazy Brave by Michael Gurr
Director: Michael McCall
Cast: Danny Adcock, Felicity Barrow, Natasha Beaumont, Nicholas Bishop, Hazam Shammas and Bryce Youngman.

Vertigo and the Virginia by Sven Swenson (Image Below)
Director: Sarah Goodes
Cast: Boris Brkic, Liz Chance, Gyton Grantley and Felicity Soper.

Progress by Doug Lucie
Director: Tamara Cook
Cast: Nick Cassim, Leon Ford, Sophie Gregg, Lenka Kripac, Mark Priestley and Justin Smith

All My Sleep and Waking by Mary Rachel Brown 
Directed by Ian Sinclair
Cast: Mary Rachel Brown, Michael Butcher, Robin Goldsworthy and Ruth Hessey

Direct From Broadway, Winner of 7 Tony's by Jeremy Johnson 
Directed by Jeremy Johnson
Cast: Winston Brearley, Jake Blundell and Jessica Orscik.

Woomera by Joshua Wakely 
Director: Alex Broun
Cast: Ben Barrack, Laurence Coy, Susannah Hardy, Hilary Manning, Craig Menaud and Josh Wakely.

The Decameron by Giovanni Boccacio 
Director: Craig Illiot
Cast: Nicolas Cassim, Rebecca Clarke, Rachael Coopes, Julian Garner, Walter Grkovic, Jennifer Vuletic, Darren Weller

NTC Top Shorts 
3 wining short plays of the Write Now! Competition by Tom MacLachlan, Peter Malicki and Andrew McAliece.
Directors: Tamara Cook, Helen Dallimore and Felix Williamson
Cast: Brett Blewitt, Septimus Caton, Travis Cotton, Damon Gameau, Luisa Hastings Edge, Emma Jackson, Ewen Leslie, Jan Langford-Penny, Toby Schmitz, Jeremy Waters and Rory Williamson.

2001 Season

For the Birds by Jenny Baird

Director: Kim Hardwick

Cast: Jenny Baird, Christopher Burke, Charles Cousins, Holly Jones, Matthew Moore and Kate Reid.

Mary Stuart by Dacia Maraini 

Director: Tanya Denny

Cast: Elaine Hudson and Gertraud Ingeborg

My Life in Art by Andrew Cowie 

Director: Ira Hal Seidenstein

Cast: Ed Boyle, Annalouise Paul, Graeme Rhodes and Ira Hal Seidenstein

An Unseasonable Fall of Snow by Gary Henderson

Director: Erik Thomson 

Cast: Peter Carmody and Travis McMahon

What Happened Was by Tom Noonan 

Director: Sarah Goodes

Cast: Louise Fox and Nicholas Hope

The School of Night by Peter Whelan

Director: Alan Flower

Cast: Dean Atkinson, Tess Bryant, Nicolas Cassim, Sophie Gregg, Steve Klinder, Matthew Lilley, Jonathan Pasvolsky, Rod Power, Cameron Stewart and Ed Wightman.

Happy New by Brendan Cowell

Director: Leland Kean

Cast:Blazey Best, Brendan Cowell and Anthony Hayes.

Scenes from an Affair by Alex Broun 

Director: Martin Reefman

Cast: Dean Atkinson and Sarah Smuts-Kennedy

Meat by Nick Meenahan

Director: Pete Hayes 

Cast: Nick Meenahan 

Waiting for Boris & Bender by Louis Birgan and Jonathan Gavin 
Director: Marty Dennis

Cast: Louise Birgan and Jonathan Gavin

Via Dolorosa by David Hare

Director: Moira Blumenthal

Cast: Patrick Dickson

Bird's Eye View by Nadine Garner 

Director: Marin Mimica

Cast: Michael Angus, Mandy Bishop, Nadine Garner and Jerome Pride

2000 Season

Aperture: Shorts plays by Rachel Blackman, David Bishop, Jonathan Gavin and Anthony Minghella

Director: Jeremy Cumpston

Cast: Rachel Blackman, David Bishop, Jeremy Cumpston and Jonathan Gavin.

Savage in Limbo by John Patrick Shanley and Savage Love by Sam Shepard

Director: Christopher Wheeler, Jonathan Speer.

Cast: Andrew Crabbe, Pippa Grandison, Angus King, Jillian Dowd, Jules Sobotta, Peter Astridge, Helen Dallimore

Troy's House by Tommy Murphy

Director: Tommy Murphy

Cast: Felicity Barnes, Anna Barry, Emily Gregory-Roberts, Gabby Millgate, Michael Scarrot, Daniel Sinkovitz and Lucy Wirth

Spike Heels by Theresa Rebeck

Director: Micheal Booth

Cast: Julian Garner, Laurissa Poulos, Nadia Townsend and Todd Worden

The Disposal by William Inge

Director: Liz Chance

Cast: Adrian Adam, Paul Barry, Peter Carmody, Liz Chance, Alan Flower, Jason Montgomery, Rod Power and Michael Roberts

The Caretaker by Harold Pinter

Director: Basim Kahar

Cast: David Downer, Michael Labram, Steve Vella

Paradise by Chris Edmond

Director: Chris Edmond

Cast: Septimus Caton, Katherine McCallum, Adrian Mulraney, Tamara Lovatt-Smith and Alison Van Reeken, Stephen Pease.

Temp Rising by Diana Glenn, Susannah Hardy & Gabriella Maselli
Director: Alan Flower
Cast: Diana Glenn, Susannah Hardy, Gabriella Maselli

Freak Winds by Marshall Napier (remount)
Director: Marshall Napier
Cast: Marshall Napier, Damien de Montemas, Roxanne Wilson

Rope by Patrick Hamilton
Director: Martin Reefman
Cast: Dean Aktinson, Nicholas Cassim, Leon Ford, Eliza Logan, Sophie Gregg, and Justin Smith.
Men by Brendan Cowell 
Director: Leland Kean
Cast: Blazey Best, Brendan Cowell, Anthony Hayes and Toby Schmitz

1999 Season

Amco Riders by Greg Perano (Image Below)
Director: Alan Flower
Cast: Michael Gwynne, Scott Johnson, Simone Kessel, Fleur McMenamin, Heidi Macdonald, Jeremy Cumpston.

Three Sisters by Anton Chekov
Director: Francesca Smith
Cast: Jeanette Cronin, Camilla Ah Kin, Nadine Garner, Sean O'Shea, Anthony Johnsen, Anthony Weigh, Lynn Murphy, Peter Corbett.Ben Graetz,Jamie Oxenbould,Emily Russell,Nick Enright and Jonathan Gavin.

Freak Winds by Marshall Napier
Director: Marshall Napier
Cast: Marshall Napier, Damien de Montemas and Roxanne Wilson

The Gigli Concert by Tom Murphy
Director: John O�Hare
Cast: Patrick Dickinson, Tracey Mann and Maeloisa Stafford

Night of the Sea Monkey by Reg Cribb

Julie by August Strindberg (adaptation by Ingmar Bergman)
Director: Tim Robbins
Cast: Helen Dallimore, Jules Sobotta and Richard Sydenham

1998 Season

Dogs and Pitchfork by Adam Grosetti
Directors: Jeremy Cumpston and David Field
Cast: Scott Bowie, Adam Grossetti, Fleur McMenamin, Carole Skinner and Stuart Spence

Love and Understanding by Joe Penhall
Director: Jason Clarke
Cast: Mark Constable, Michael Labram and Leah Vandenburg

The Faith Healer by Brian Friel
Director: John O'Hare
Cast: Danny Adcock, Lorna Lesley and Maeloisa Stafford.

Diary of a Madman by Gogol
Director: Simon Lyndon
Cast: Zena Cumpston, Alan Morris and Bojana Novakovic

The Dumb Waiter by Harold Pinter
Director: Gina Tsikouras
Cast: Catherine Bishop and Lizzy Falkland

Something by Eugne Ionesco
Director: Anthony Simcoe
Cast: John Batchelor, Grant Bowler and Andrew Jans Brown

The Maids by Jean Genet
Director: Francesca Smith
Cast: Camilla Ah Kin, Jane Borghesi and Katrina Milosevic

Wank (Pork Chop Productions)

Out There by Sean Munro
Director: Sean Munro
Cast:Peter Astridge, Andrew Crabbe, Helen Dallimore, Angus King, Rachel Gordon, Pippa Grandison, Stephany Podolny, Jules Sobotta, Jonathan Speer and Neil Young

1997 Season

Three Strikes: 3 Short Plays by Anthony Minghella, Damon Herriman and Michael Booth
Director: Jeremy Cumpston
Cast: Zena Cumpston, Michael Denka, Stuart Spence, Victoria Hill, Jason Clarke, Jayne Leslie, Jeremy Cumpston, Damon Herriman and Paul Roper.

Stags and Hens by Willy Russell
Director: Hugh Baldwin
Cast: Ursula Brooks, Jason Clarke, Michael Labram, Tamblyn Lord, Matthew Lilley, Angeline Neville, Heidi MacDonald, Fiona Mahl, Daniel Rigney and Lindy Sardelic.

Daniel Rigney died suddenly and tragically during this Season.
The Upstairs Bar is called The Riggo Bar in honour of our friend.