To the End of Reckoning is a play based on the correspondence between Samantha Young and Jock Palfreeman. In the winter of 2007, Jock ran into a fight to defend two gypsy’s who were being attacked by a gang of 15 young intoxicated men. The gang turned on Jock and in the ensuing fight, Andrei Monov was murdered and another individual was stabbed. Jock was convicted of murder and attempted murder.

Samantha began writing to Jock in 2010 and visited him in 2011. Samantha is a young woman with freedom and privilege, who is crippled by cowardice and inactive good intentions. The relationship unravels as Samantha seeks to understand why justice may not be just and how judgment can never be absolute.

To the End of Reckoninga free staged reading of the play will be performed at the festival, directed by Jessica Tuckwell.

Monday 9th December
The Bondi Pavilion Theatre
FREE entry – no booking required

Photography by Prue Upton.

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