3 XY Or I Die


Written by Kieran Carroll (2012 afterword by Ron Rude)
Directed by Ross Daniels
Starring Mark E Lawrence with his band of Unforgettables.
Set Design by Christina Logan-Bell
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Winner 2002 Best Original Production Melbourne Fringe, 3XY OR I DIE! tells the poignant and hilarious story of underground post-punker Ron Rude (1978-81) as he negotiates the perils of making independent albums from his home studio, being friends with Rowland S Howard, staging the first hunger strike in rock’n'roll history and chaining himself to Molly Meldrum’s fence

Sunday June 10th &  Monday June 11th.
The Old Fitzroy Theatre
8pm Shows.
Tickets: $20/$16 or $28 Beer, Show, Meal Deal
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