The Horse’s Mouth Festival

The Horse’s Mouth Festival

(A Festival of Autbiographical Performance Work)

For a month The Old Fitzroy Theatre will transform into a celebration of personal and familial experience with the first ever Horse’s Mouth Festival brought to you by Bambina Borracha. Showcasing brand new work by some of Sydney’s most exciting artists; including Zoe Combes Marr, Tim Spencer, Jono Burns, Phil Spencer, Zoe Norton Lodge, Nick Coyle, Scarlet McGlynn, Alex Vaughan, Lucinda Gleeson & Betty Grumble.

Nov 24 – Dec 17

Tues – Sun, 8.00pm kick off
Nights A, B & C alternate throughout the Festival

Festival Pass $42 (3 nights!!!)
One night adult $ 30
One night concession $ 20



Night A – “BOLTED”
(Nov 25th, 30th, Dec 2nd, 8th, 14th & 16th)
Show Me Yours. I’ll Show You Mine. by Tim Spencer
“A conversation between Tim Spencer and a male sex worker about their work, the world and life in Sydney.”

I’ve been Everywhere Man (or, “The Time I tried to validate my own existence through travel and it didn’t quite work out the way I wanted it to”)
by Zoe Combes Marr
“I spent all my savings on a hot-as-shit 1986 diesel Pajero (which literaaly means Wanker in Spanish) and went out on the open road. About 2 hours down the open road, the Pajero exploded.”

The Great Apeth by Phil Spencer
“Phil has a very special friendship with his eighty-two year old Nana, Gaye. This show is about Gaye…ohh and Mexican Wrestling, appendicitis, Victoria sponge cakes and family grief.”

(DATES: Nov 26th, Dec 1st, 3rd, 7th, 9th, 15th, & 17th)

Homeby Jono Burns
“I know you need unique New York, but does unique New York need you? When Jono’s family home is sold, he journeys to the city of his dreams to study acting.”

This Is Not a Possum by Zoe Norton Lodge
“Zoe doesn’t know much about nature because at her place, the outdoors were forbidden. However household neglect and her own Matlida-esque curiosity and natural intelligence have led her to formulate a veritable dosia on possums. Sh’d like you to meet her family.”

(DATES: Dec 29th, Dec 6th & 13th)
A giant handful of brand new little works from Nick Coyle, Scarlet McGlynn, Betty Grumble, Lucinda Gleeson & Alex Vaughan.

Sunday Nights – Story Club
The famous Sydney Story Club will be running Sunday Night sessions and you get in for FREE with your Festival Pass.

Click HERE to book a Festival Pass!

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This project is brought to you by Bambina Borracha Productions in association with Tamarama Rock Surfers Theatre Company.

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