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Midnight Theatre

The Old Fitzroy Theatre 30-31st October

Le Theatre du Grand-Guignol (The French Theatre of Horror), pronounced ‘Grahn Geen-yol’, was a Parisian theatre founded by Oscar Méténier. Between 1897 and 1962 it staged dramatic entertainment that dealt with macabre subject matter and featured ‘over-the-top’ graphic violence. A typical evening at the Grand-Guignol Theatre consisted of five or six short plays, ranging from suspenseful crime dramas interspersed with bawdy sex farces, however the staple of the Grand-Guignol repertoire was the Horror play.
In the tradition of Grand-Guignol, MIDNIGHT THEATRE captures the essence of the genre with two short plays, especially chosen from the Grand-Guignol repertoire for you this Halloween…
THE FINAL KISS by Maurice Level, one of the definitive plays of the Grand-Guignol, exploits audience’s fascination with crimes of passion; and
I WANT TO GO HOME by H.F Maltby, a 1920′s comedy about infidelity.

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