In The Air Tonight

Paul Ayre and David Collins…

In The Air Tonight

1989: Two Australian astronauts head to Pluto
2007: Pluto is no longer a planet.
Fortunately they have 20 Phil Collins songs for company. On repeat…

Dates: Preview – Oct 4th, Season  – Oct 5th – Oct 9th
Times: Tues – Sat 7pm, Sun 5pm)
Ticket Prices: Adult $33, Concession $25, Preview $21
Starring: David Ayres & David Collins

Welcome to 2006. Our scene takes place in Darwin Australia, specifically at the location of the Australia’s Secret Space Mission. This Mission was established in 1988, when a young scientist named Benson discovered that there was a way to launch a manned space mission to the planet Pluto. In 1989 the mission was launched, with a target of hitting Pluto in 2007. With an 18 year time span, this mission was going to be the most mentally intense mission ever attempted by a human. Two astronauts, both having broke up from long-term relationships chose to accept this task. The spaceship, amongst other luxuries, could handle the digital storage of 14 songs. The songs would have to be timeless and inspirational – and great care was take to allow equal weighting to the suggestions of all those at the Space Mission. However, due to the strain on personal relationships caused by the mission, and the proximity of the launch coincided with the release of the 1989 album ‘But Seriously…’, it came to pass that the 14 precious places were filled with a collection of Phil Collins Greatest Hits. Our story takes place 1 year before the intended landing, where our heroes, Xavier and Jared sit patiently, having cycled through Phil Collins back catalogue a staggering 93,000 times, awaiting their landing on the planet furthest from the Sun – Pluto. The exact time when it is discovered that Pluto is no longer a planet.

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